[Gist] Tha Suspect reacts to Sa’shay’s Song Idem entry | @daSuspekt @iamSashay

Sashay & Suspect

Few days ago, Capital Hill Music’s resident Producer – Tha Suspect decided to be so generous by releasing a Free Beat for his fellow Efik/Ibibio Rappers. The Beat came up with a ready made Hook + Verse Two. The beat itself was undoubtedly dope as usual and the hook was cool though it is hard to understand.

(See Tweets Below).

In less than 12 Hours after release, different versions of song started surfacing on-line as a lot of up coming acts used such a rare opportunity to roll with Suspect on the same song. All acts tried the best they could but I guess not to Suspect’s liking.

It was a different case for Sa’shay Gaan a fast rising Male Vocalist and Producer from the South who later released a freestyle he did on the beat on-line. Suspect got to hear what he did and came up on twitter and to let the world know that he love what he heard. I quote him: “Hehehehehe! I Love what that Sa’shay dude did to my “Song Idem” Beat… #Kpokwem!!” 

(See the Tweet below).



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