[Interview]: @AniJamz gets Interviewed by @Priti9ja for #MuzikzEmpire


On a beautiful afternoon of July 6, 2013 – a day before the birthday of the new Dance-hall wonder kid in the block known as AJ (AniJamz)Priti9ja hangs out with the WantTo PlayMe crooner and Interviews him for Muzikz Empire Magazine. Below is the well written out interview that will appear on this month’s episode of the Magazine. Take some time out to Read and Enjoy the lively dialogue between Anijamz and Priti9ja. And please, don’t forget to share this interesting Interview.

P9:    AniJamz, Good Afternoon and Happy Birthday in advance. It’s nice to have you here today. Let’s meet the real AniJamz

AJ:    Thanks so much. Well, AJ, the real AniJamz was born on July 7 some years ago as Aniebiet Double James; that’s actually where the nickname comes from. That is Ani is from my first name – Anibiet and Jamz is from the last name – James. Though I started off with AniJames, I had to adopt AniJamz which is more related to what I am doing and doing and love doing as well. And as you already know, Aniebiet is a Calabar name, meaning that I am fro the Southern part of Nigeria, precisely – Akwa Ibom State.

P9:    Wow. That’s lovely. So what is this thing you said you do and also love to do?

AJ:    Hahahahahaha. Is that one a question?

P9:    Oh yes. I am here today to know a lot about our new wonder kid – AniJamz.

AJ:    Don’t tell me that you are a learner. Well, I love entertaining people. I am good at Singing and Dancing, so I decided to do music for public consumption and I love doing it.

P9:    OK. I am not a learner but I had to be sure. So how long have you been doing this?

AJ:    Though I can’t vividly recall the exact period I started it all, it was at a very tender age of 6. But if you are talking about when I started doing it professionally…don’t tell anyone what am about to tell you…Am a fresh boy in the block and September will make it 1 year since I released my first single and started going to shows with it.

P9:    Oh, so you mean that AJ is a baby in the Music Industry?

AJ:    No forming, no film trick, the boy is a fresh kid. But I have been going to dance shows and also going to dance at Events with the first dance group I joined since I was 11.

P9:    OK. But what’s the secret behind your name buzzing as if you where around for some time now?

AJ:    Haha. It’s been buzzing? No wonder. Well, there’s no big secret – once you do what you love doing well, what do you expect? People will start talking about you and all of a sudden, you become the talk of the town. Personally, I’ve been dropping good music –3 of them so far. I’ve also been going to shows with it and I always make sure I kill those shows also. And my Management Team has not been sleeping too. They have been busy making noise for me on the Internet, On Air and every medium they have. That’s it.

P9:    Interesting. So what’s it you really love about Music; is it the Money or the Fame or something else?

AJ:    [*scratches head*]. Chai, that question came unexpectedly o. Haha. OK, let me tackle it. [*shifts forward on the cushion*]You see, anything you do in life, be it music, white collar job or whatever, money must be there to motivate and keep you in good form. And in music, if you don’t have the name – I mean Fame, money won’t be there in abundance. So, money and fame is basic. It has to be there and I want it. But the most important thing here is that I love what I do. I love music coz it helps you express your emotions in a way people appreciate and accept it. With it, you can entertain a lot of people.

P9:    That’s nice. So let’s talk about your 3 songs.

AJ:    The first was Totori [*singing* you dey totori my mind sexy eh] on which I featured ma homey – Lybra and produced by The Beat of the South; Otyno. I released it on the 20th of September, 2012. [*singing* something about you girl, make me give all my heart to you, now you want to play me…you want to play me], that is the second on the list. I went solo for the first time and it was the first song I released under AKSidi Promotions. It was still produced by Otyno and was officially released on January 1, 2013. The third on the list is the re-mix of WantTo PlayMe which I feature Kay Dizzle; a Music Artiste from Ghana. It’s still produced by Otyno and the snippet was out last month while it will be Premièred next week on Atlantic 104.50 FM, Uyo by the popular MC/Comedian and OAP – MC Spinosky. It will be made available for download on August 3, 2013. But expect to hear it On Air and on DJ Mixes from next week.


P9:    That’s really interesting. You have any Official Music Video yet?

AJ:    Huh, not yet. The finance is low and so am trying the cut my coat according to my cloth. Once a good amount of cash rolls in or I happen to get a sponsor, you’ll start seeing my Music Videos. But, I do have few unreleased Videos of me performing my songs on stage and with time, you’ll get to see all of them.

P9:    Cool. Talking about your performance, when was the last you went on stage and when next are you climbing it again?

AJ:    The last was in April at Mr Ideal Nigeria in Lekki, Lagos. Earlier this week, I was supposed to perform in another event in Abuja but my Manager called it off at dying minute because the owners of the event couldn’t pay the bills. About the next one I’ll perform, I was told recently by my Manager that I should expect performing again in Lagos’ Industry Night; this time around, withWeird MC. Though am yet to get confirmation and full details, I heard that it will be during the last week of this month. [July, 2013].

P9:    I would love to be to see you wriggle your waist on stage and do that Limpopo Dance I always hear you do.

AJ:    Oh yeah, Limpopo Dance. I love that dance very well. It’s from a Cultural Dance I used to do when I was a Kid known asEkombi. I’ll keep you posted about my next show so you come and watch me thrill the audience. But you should expect me to perform tonight on my birthday party.

P9:    Haha. OK. So do you have any challenges in music?

AJ:    Oh yes, I do o. The outstanding one is Finance. These days, it’s not just prayer and faith that moves mountains in the Music Industry – its money. To promote yourself and your music, you need money. For example, these Interview you are having with me, there are some Media Houses that would have charged me what is known as a Token to do what you are doing with me now. After you release your Music, you still have to go and meet DJ’S, OAP’S and Online Promoters with a token for them to push your material. This is a very big challenge am still struggling with. You know that I was not born with that Silver Spoon, I just happen to look like one and my Management believes so much in packaging, that’s just the reason I stay fresh always but the dough is not there yet…am still hustling for it.

P9:    So that means you are the one sponsoring yourself for now?

AJ:    Yeah, and it’s not been easy. There are no sponsors yet. Not everybody from where I am know about the benefits they stand to gain from investing money in music – especially those that have this money. But I am working to get endorsed or get a sponsor, so pray for me. Incase you would love to sponsor Me, I am available and trust me, you won’t regret. [*smiles*]

P9:    OK. We’ll talk more about that after this. Female attention, how do you handle them and what’s your Relationship Status?

AJ:    Point blank, I am very single and available for that type of Relationship that will help my Music Career grow and not the one that won’t support or kill my vibe. As for female attention, I don’t think I am getting it yet. It’s still the ones that have been there way back and I have learned to manage them by now. I am even trying to stay off the radar coz that stuff distracts a lot. Hehehehe.

P9:    Haha. I doubt you being Single o.

AJ:    I am o. Very single. I am still a young boy. Justin Bieber and WizKid are my seniors.

P9:    Really? So how old is AniJamz turning tomorrow? [July 7, 2013].

AJ:    I am em…let me count. From 94 to 2004, I was 10 and by 2014, I’ll be 20. OK. I am about clocking 19 tomorrow. By the way, am still growing. I was thinking that I’ll be turning 18 again tomorrow. Haha.


P9:    Haha. You are very funny. Apart from Music, what do you do?

AJ:    I am in School. I am in a Music School and also in a Computer Engineering School. I am still seeking admission into University to further the knowledge I have in Computer Engineering. So if it’s not Music that keeps me busy, it’s schools activities. I am a school boy.

P9:    School boy for real. I wish you all the best in your Educational Pursuits.

AJ:    Thanks Ma’am. I am grateful.

P9:    You are welcome. So tell me where you hope to see AniJamz in the next 7 Years.

AJ:    You know that 7 years is not forever and no one knows tomorrow but only God. With him by my side, I should be somewhere 7 times higher and better than where I am today. By then, I hope to be a household name in the Music Industry. By then, I must have fully repaid all those people that believed in me and supported my career from day to the fullest.

P9:    Amen o. That’s lovely. What do you have to share with your growing number of Fans?

AJ:    Ah, my Birthday Cake of course. Tomorrow is my Birthday, so join me in Uyo, if you can so we groove and have a good time. You can as well raise your glasses in the air when you want to drink from wherever you are tomorrow for me…thank you in advance. Pray that I get to the top very soon. If you are not my Fan yet, then you must have not heard what I can do yet. Search for my music online, download and enjoy. You’ll know that with me on your playlist, there’s no dulling. I love you all as I love myself and I pray that God keep you alive and blessed so you’ll see the bright future ahead with me soon.

P9:    Amen o. How can your Fans pass on their Birthday Wishes to you?

AJ:    Yeah, catch me live on any of these social networks.

On Facebook – www.fb.com/AjAnijamz

On Twitter – www.twitter.com/Anijamz

If you are on BBM, add me with PIN:2A827867 so you can get more closer to your boy.

P9:    OK. For Bookings and Shows, how can you be contacted?

AJ:    The One and Only CEO of AKSidi Promotions – Nsico Michaels is currently my able-bodied Manager. Contact him on

Phone: +2348021395585

E-mail: seakak@gmail.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/NsicoMichaels


P9:    Duly noted. Do you have any shout outs?

AJ:    Oh yeah. A lot of shout outs. To summarize it, I shout out to all the Music Blogs/Websites, and Radio Stations that have been voluntarily promoting me. Deejays are not left out on this one too. I shout out to DJ Law the Undisputable, DJ Spindeeds andDJ BigScratcher. I can’t forget DJ Champagne and DJ King all the way from Ghana who has been rocking my jams steady. I shout out to my Producers Otyno and the newly found Danny P. I shout out to everyone on AKSidi Promotions Management Team and also to my Stylist – Lass B Boutique, Uyo and also my Photographer and Graphics Designer – Marsharl Arts Inc and also to KU Guest House, my favorite hangout spot in Uyo for accommodating us for this Interview. I shout out to you for finding out to time to check out Priti9ja’s Interview with Me.

P9:    Thank you very much for your time. One last thing before we call it a day, do a little freestyle for me.

AJ:    Yeah. It’s AJ – Anijamz a.k.a The Totori Master a.k.a you can call me whatever you like o. Am hanging out with Priti9ja today – a day before my Birthday and you know what it is. Come to my Birthday tomorrow to hear more of my freestyle and get to dance one on one with me. Over and out [*stands up*]

P9:    Haha. Nice one. I wish you a Happy Birthday in advance once again. I’ll surely be there tomorrow to pop bottles and cut cakes with you. Just stay safe and be blessed.

AJ:    Thank You. [*he gives me a warm hug*]. I really appreciate you for surprising me with this interview. I promise to make you proud for the support you have been giving me. As for now, may God Bless you and always continue to bless you in Jesus name…Amen.

PJ:    Amen.


5 thoughts on “[Interview]: @AniJamz gets Interviewed by @Priti9ja for #MuzikzEmpire

  1. Wishin yhu the best bro..yhu gad me **screams** dis guy’s mind blowin….yha music’s sound proven..wullnp as yhu celebrate yha birthday

  2. Anijamz is really trying. I wish him the veery best. Let him keep on making good music and he will make it. God bless you.

  3. Happy Birthday to a brother from another mother. Jah is gon see you tro.

  4. I love Anijamz, Am a big fan of his works.

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