[Music Gist] Other World by The Ises (@afrothises)


The Ises is a new face in the Urban Contemporary genre. It is a collaboration of bohemian artists led by AfroSays. The group was named after the Egyptian moon Goddess, Isis, with reverence to the night from which it draws inspiration. With airy, indie sounds that remind the listener of the new school art of The Weeknd, a story telling angle that cannot but bring Frank Ocean’s music to mind, The Ises is definitely finding somewhere to fit in.

Coming off the release of an extended play project last year titled “Don’t Tell Mother” and a single earlier this year “The Art of Escape”; The Ises presents Other World. Nobody brings the alternative perspective of this newcomer. The song tells the story of a naïve young lady who falls in love with a sinister character. The jaded vampire is honest enough to let the restless girl know that he’s no good for her, and that hedonism does get tiring.

The song rides on a very brilliant beat with breathy vocals and smooth harmonies, as the singer alternates between high and low melodies to keep the song interesting. It was produced by @DFlowOnline who has worked with Grammy award artists like Lecrae; was recorded, mixed and mastered by @Tintinsandtins, an upcoming Nigerian producer who has worked with very relevant young artistes in the industry.
Expect even more unconventional sound art from The Ises who is currently working on acoustic projects and would be sharing them later this summer. In the meantime previous projects can be found on:


Youtube Page

Follow @afrothises for updates on The art of The Ises.


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