[Music] Addis drops 3 New Singles

[Music] Addis drops 3 New Singles


Ibrahim Adebayo Wahab AKA Addis Niggar (Islamic Number one) is an Islamic rap artiste with hypnotizing rap skills set to impress and pull a lot fans, and also create a remarkable historical name in the world of music internationally. He is presently working towards releasing his album Titled All for God. Addis who is from Ilorin, Kwara State and he resides in Lagos state Nigeria. He stated  music professionally in 2006 when he released his Hit single “Who be that”. Addis is also a Nollywood actor and also an artistic director.

His style of music is very unique because it is not that common. Islamic hip-hop is a new invention  that is why he his called Islamic hip-hop number one. His hot 3 singles “One God“, “All for God” and “Shake Body“. The video for ALL FOR GOD has been Enjoying massive viewing on TV stations and also on home videos. His aim is to put gospel music in the heart and mouth of people all over the world regardless of their religious affiliation and to make sure his gospel music is heard at every corner, streets, clubs, and all over the world. Addis is  one artiste we should all look out for, as he is on his way to stardom.




DOWNLOAD All For Good Video


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