Music Artiste: EddyBillz

Nationality: Nigerian

Genre: Raga

Interview Type: Oral

Location: Le’Meridian Hotels and Golf Resort, Akwa Ibom State.

Date: 19/09/12


QUESTION: Good Evening EddyBillz. How are you doing?

ANSWER: Good Evening. Am doing well. (Smiles).

QUESTION: We all know you as by you stage name: EddyBillz. What is
the real name?

ANSWER: My real name is Edidiong Patrick Billy. I got the stage
name from my First and Last Name.

QUESTION: Where is he from?

ANSWER: Ok. I am a native of Onna Local Government Area here in Akwa
Ibom State.

QUESTION: Tell us about your Family Background.

ANSWER: Ok. I am a native of Awa Ima Village in Onna. My Dad is
married to two wives and we are eight children in the family. I happen
to be the last born in the house.

QUESTION: What about your Religious Background?

ANSWER: I was born into The Apostolic Church of Nigeria. I got
baptized there. I am a Christian. I go to church every Sunday. Yeah, I
am a bonafide Apostolic Church Member.

QUESTION: What keeps you busy, as in a Hobby?

ANSWER: Music. Writing songs. Generally it’s Music.

QUESTION: How did you come into Music?

ANSWER: Yeah. I used to listen and watch to groups like Remediez,
Plantation Boiz way back. So one good day, my Dad asked me if I wanted
and will be able to do what they do, I said Yes. So when I had my own
time, I’ll sit and create my own tune, try to write my own song. Along
the line, I found myself writing good songs and singing them too.

QUESTION: Tells us about your type of Music

ANSWER: I do Raga and also Dancehall.

QUESTION: What do you love about Music?

ANSWER: Music is harmless. It passes message easily. Music does
not hurt like girls do hurt guys and vice versa. That’s what me like
about music. (Smiles)

QUESTION: Talking about Girls and Boys, who is EddyBillz’s Girl?

ANSWER: EddyBillz is single but not in a rush to date any girl.

QUESTION: Then considering the fact that you are Hot and you are on
the path to stardom, how do you manage the Female attention you get?

ANSWER: Bro (laughs), I just appreciate God’s work but sometimes,
girls do go extra miles but one way or the other, I skip them.

QUESTION: Who are those that Influence you and your Music a lot?

ANSWER: I have the likes of Black Diamond, Sean Paul and also General Pype.

QUESTION: Which year did you start Professional Music?

ANSWER: 2008

QUESTION: How many Songs have you worked on?

ANSWER: I have done some good songs with Black Face, Oga Sir,
IllRhymez although I don’t have any Album for now. Am currently
working on my Debut album and I have two Singles off it. Back in the
days was released earlier this year and Good Life is to be officially
released soon.

QUESTION: I personally heard Back In The Days. It was a cool Song.
Tell us about It.

ANSWER: Back in the days was a high inspirational piece. I talked
about how the Music world thought of me. It was produced by my
personal Producer Shegbongky.

QUESTION: What was your Fan’s reaction to it?

ANSWER: Men. Everywhere and shows was hot with it. A lot of Radio
Stations around and in Ghana played it. Everybody was talking about
the song. Music sites too didn’t dull. Some I never expected took the
song and promoted it. My Fans kept calling me, telling me how they
like the song and stuffs like that. It was good.

QUESTION: You are getting ready to drop Good Life. Tell us about it.

ANSWER: Good life is hot and banging. It is also produced by
Shebongky. The song asked aa question and also answered it. Example,
some people says that EddyBillz is proud and that I don’t regard
people. And I was telling truth the truth in the song that I am fed up
of what they say about me and I am confused of the type of life they
want from me. I asked them and I also told them that I am living a
Good Life.

QUESTION: When is Good Life dropping?

ANSWER: Yeah. 20th September was the D-day. But due to the love I
have for my fans, I still want to put some finishing touches to the
song to make real well. So the date has been shifted till further

QUESTION: Are you a Signed music artiste?


QUESTION: We heard you rep Klazik Music on Back in the days. Tell us about it.

ANSWER: Okay. It is just my own slogan. I just love to rep it.

QUESTION: We had to pass through your Manager in order to have you
on an Interview. Tell us about Him

ANSWER: He is a responsible young guy and very hardworking and he
is full of great ideas. Those qualities made me choose him to be
manager. I love him.

QUESTION: If one wants to have you in a show or interview or any
other thing, how can one contact your Manager?

ANSWER: He is on Twitter (@NsicoMichaels) so you can follow him and
you can as well call him on 2348021395585.

QUESTION: How can Fans get to you on Social Networks?

ANSWER: I am EddyBillz everywhere I go. I am on Facebook and also
on Twitter. I also have a Facebook Fan Page.
Just search EddyBillz in any Social Network and you may be lucky to find me.

QUESTION: Which of the numerous shows you have performed is your
number one on rating?

ANSWER: It is Stand Up for Entertainment show in Calabar six
months ago. It was hot.

QUESTION: When is your next show?

ANSWER: I have a small Party to perform on the 27th of September
2012 and the next day, a bigger one in Uyo. That’s Uyo Silver Rocks

QUESTION: Where will we see EddyBillz in the next five years?

ANSWER: You will see him on top of his game and hear him on many
good songs that will come your way.

QUESTION: What’s your word of Advice to upcoming music artistes?

ANSWER: They should keep their heads up. Believe in God. Work and
study hard.

QUESTION: What are your Last words to Fans, Family, Friends and
Everyone out there?

ANSWER: I thank them all for the love, support and encouragement.
To all those that believe in me, I so much appreciate you too. Please,
keep showing me love and I will always be there for you all. I love
you all plenty. One love my people.

COMMENT: Thanks so much for the time you have spared us.

REPLY: Thank you for the love too. God Bless.

COMMENT: And please, we can’t wait to dance to Good Life so drop it soon.

REPLY: Al-right. Soon, I promise. Bless.

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